Review – Cafe De Tavern , Mussoorie

A venture of “THE TAVERN” a very famous fine dine restaurant in mussoorie . CAFE DE TAVERN is a new entry in the list of cafes in mussoorie . It offers variety of continental food .It is owned by the well established chain of brentwood hotels and resorts. The ambience here is typical EUROPEAN STYLE .

The food here was not good as it should be in accordence to the name and fame gained by the restaurant .

  • There was a vada in burger rather than tikki .
  • Pasta was sticky and way behind the expectations .
  • Lemonade was way too sweet .
  • The music was boring.
  • The prices of the food were way too high . I will not recommand this place .

The experience with THE TAVERN was way too amazing then what I had in CAFE DE TAVERN .


In the end it is an over rated cafe and you won’t find anything special here . There are so many better cafe’s in mussoorie then this .

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Momos Tibetan Restaurant , Mussoorie

Fried momo’s is the famous north – eastern dish . It is the famous street food that is first steamed and then fried and served with red chilli chutney .

World’s tastiest momo’s in between the mountains ,SOUNDS HEAVEN . The place is highly recommanded for  momo’s lovers . The crowd was great . The best thing is you will find this restaurant easily while exploring MALL ROAD .  The restaurant  serves great variety in chinese as well as tibetan food.

You Must Try :-

  • Chicken Fried Momo’s

 Undoubtfully , the most delicious thing you will find at this hill station . The taste is very fresh with perfect crispness. They serve momo’s with asusual red chilli garlic chutney . The presentation of the food is traditional as they follow tibetan culture . They serve 8 pieces in a dimsum bucket which looks great .

Chicken Fried Momo’s


Its a must visit place and a must have dish on your next visit.

The prices are completely worth according to the place .

As this place offers variety of mom’s , you can also go for the steam momo’s .

Vegetarian Steam Momo’s



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Mouth-Watering food at Char Dukan Lal Tibba,Mussoorie

Well , no trip gets completed without some awesome food .First let me tell you about the place ‘CHAR DUKAN’. It is a small place situated en-route to Lal Tibba. You can reach there by foot  (Preferred as tiredness leads to hunger and some delicious food will be waiting upside) or you can take public vehicle. The distance is approximately 5 km from Library Chowk,Mussoorie. The name is char dukan because there are 4 shops situated there .You can enjoy shakes, maggi, pakodas, pancakes, parantha’s  sitting on the open benches . The view of the Himalaya’s and the great food served by them will make your day surely. If you are going to Mussoorie then its definately a must visit.SAYING AGAIN – MUST VISIT



Food prices are really affordable and i recommend everyone to try this place when you are planning to visit mussoorie next time.


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