Family Bonding- Lock down

Hello Readers,

We all are going through tough times and me and my team are constantly praying that we all get out of this really soon. Social distancing is the new normal and lets all follow this.

We are sure you all are using this lock down in best way possible. Everything is changed like now we all are working from home, ordering groceries online but most important is we are doing all household chores on our own. This is the right time to support each other so only female members at home are not doing household chores.

Male members can help in several ways like ordering important groceries online, cooking, washing utensil and most important is washing clothes. I get total support from male members at my home in washing clothes.

We use Ariel detergent at home and it has been the norm for ages. We buy the bigger pack as its more reasonable. Just put up 2 scoops of detergent powder in the washing machine. Usually it takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the mode I select.
After this, male members at home also help to dry the clothes in sunlight.
After clothes are dry, we get them inside, fold them neatly and stack it up in our wardrobes.
Don’t be shame and #ShareTheLaundry and when you do that you will realize that #ShareChoresMultiplyLove πŸ™‚
Before we say bye, have a look at this beautiful video and see how you can #ShareTheLaundry

I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association withΒ Ariel IndiaΒ andΒ BlogAdda
In this stressful time, it is very important to remember that, as cheesy as it sounds, everyone is in this together. While family can seem a little too overbearing at times, it should be seen as something positive because after all, things would be much more boring if everyone had to quarantine alone!
Stay safe,
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Quarantine With Sattviko

Hello Foodies!

How are you all doing?

We definitely miss eating out and hence decided to write this blog show all of you a quick dish we prepared using Sattviko healthy and baked khakra chips. πŸ™‚

We have also done a post on Instagram for same. You can read quick recipe below in the post.

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Need of an hour! 😍😍 . . . Made this super quick and easy recipe using @sattviko Khakra chips.😍 . . Just scrabble the cheese on chips and microwave for 1 minute. Sprinkle some chilli flakes and enjoy! 😍 . . Stay Home & Stay Face. Try more recipes like this. . . Create delectable recipes that are not only easy to make but healthy too! Snack the right way with @sattviko. Sattviko products contain fresh ingredients sourced straight from the farm. It's the taste of tradition, mixed with a touch of the modern. #sattvikoXhypd #rawtorecipe #helathytohome #sattviko Now shop these deliciously healthy snacks at and use code SATTREC20 for DISCOUNTS !

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