Exclusive Shopping from ExclusiveLane

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Hope you all are keeping safe!

We all know how risky is offline shopping so here we are sharing our recent experience of online shopping.

We were searching for some unique mugs on google and found a website called ExclusiveLane.

ExclusiveLane, for its home décor items, other than furniture, follows an inventory-led model. “We believe in showcasing unique and exclusive wares to our customers which are difficult to find both online and in brickand-mortar stores,” says Kaushal, Co-founder and COO.

They have a lot of exciting products for one and all. ExclusiveLane is extensively unique and made with love- all the handicraft products. The company is desirous to exclusively handpicked handicraft products from rural artisans from different parts of region. In addition, they allow these artisans to discover their amazing talents through their beautiful handicrafts products.

What all products they have to offer?

  • Kitchen and Dining ware
  • Decoration items
  • Lights and lamps
  • Pots and Planters
  • Garden decoration
  • Handcrafted jewelry earrings and neckpieces

Here are few of our favorite products:

Rs 2882/- Only | Shop here
Rs 1394/- Only | Shop here
Rs 525/- Only | Shop here
Rs 1299/- Only | Shop here
Rs 1499/- Only | Shop here

So wait no more and go shop now from ExclusiveLane.


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Lockdown Shopping | Tokenz

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Hope you all are doing well and keeping safe

India is not in a very good condition right now but we are sure we will be back on track soon.

We found out a great website few days back and also ordered few things. We thought of sharing with you all so you can spend your time at home to shop some cool stuff.

Website is tokenz and the best part is there is also a section of food and essentials which is on super priority these days.

About Tokenz

TOKENZ.COM handpicks each product with an emphasis on traditional expertise. A large and boundless collection, each product is handpicked from the hinterland of India, and is available at the click of a mouse, offering the eclectic buyer quality traditional artisan fare.

There are innumerable products made in India that do not reach even ordinary Indians as they are made to be exported internationally, or the hard-at-work artisan does not have the wherewithal to reach beyond his region. Tokenz.com brings all these legacies of craftsmanship together – be it stonework and wood craft from Uttar Pradesh, phulkari and other crafts from Punjab, bandini and mirror work from Rajasthan and intricate metal work from Madhya Pradesh

Featuring Our Favorite Products & What We Ordered

We Ordered- 650 Rs Only/-

We Ordered- 360 Rs Only/-

800 Rs Only/-
590 Rs Only/-
Painting at 1499 Rs Only/-
Delicious cake at 350 Rs Only/-
Designer Rakhi Starting at 130 Rs Only/-
Designer Buddha at 1010 Rs Only/-

So wait no more and shop today!

Do not forget to share your experience in comment section below.



Unique Gift Ideas 2021 | JORD

Hello Readers!

In 2021, we really wanted to find thoughtful gifting options for all.

With this blog, we are going to share our top favorite products which you all can consider for gifting in several occasions. Here is the link to buy all of the JORD accessory.

Check out their collection of luxury handbags and the limited edition gift set.

Ethnic Handbag Collection For Her

Ethnic Handbag Collection For Her

Hope you liked these. Do let us know in comments section below

Jord has something for everyone and here are some perks of shopping with JORD.:)

-Custom cedar watch box & back plate engraving available

-Handbag monogramming

-Free worldwide shipping

-15+ customizable gift sets available for men & women

-Generous warranties

-Professional watch sizing available

What’s more? Use code jordfriend20 to get additional 20% off.


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Grehlakshmi holds the largest online webinar with ITC’s Nimwash || Official Partners

Hello Readers,

Grehlakshmi, the No. 1 Hindi women magazine hosted the largest webinar in association with ITC’s Nimwash. The event was specially designed to engage home chefs and spread awareness about the usage and benefits of ITC’s NimWash, Vegetable & Fruit Wash. As said to be the biggest online event, it witnessed the presence of approx. 2500 housewives online and entries of more than 100 home chefs for the ITC Home Chef Contest. The winners of the contest were Shalvi Gupta, Sheetal Aggarwal and Manju Sharma.

The show also welcomed renowned Indian celebrity chef and restaurateur, Kunal Kapur sharing some quick-cooking tips and how ITC Nimwash is the first step for all his recipes. This was clubbed with an engaging session by Celebrity Dietitian and Nutritionist Shikha A. Sharma who gave her unsurpassed knowledge on healthy foods to the audience.

The platform provided an opportunity for home chefs to socialize, network, meet celebrities, play games and win great prizes. Peppered with social influencers like Dilli ki Ladkiyaan, A Classic Mom, A Classic Mom, Life and More, Retro Pop Lifestyle, The Inspire Spy, Desi Woo, The Foodies Express the event received good online visibility and engagement.  

Here are few of social posts we did-


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The Foodies Express|| Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Readers!

We hope you all are enjoying this holiday and festive season. We came acrosss some amazing gifts for this holiday season from our favourite brand and hence thought of sharing the same.

Love for any particular brand is an addiction and we have similar love for JORD now. Jord is a great place to order a huge variety of gifts online!

You know the best part? Use our code JORDGIVES25 and get exclusive discounts:)

Here are some of our favourites-

Frankie watch is definitely all time favorite.

Nina - Peacoat Blue & Silver Top Handle Crossbody 2


Binca - Textured Black & Gold Zipper Backpack 1


Harper - White Terrazzo & Kosso 1


camel apple watch padded leather strap


What else?

  • Fast & Free worldwide shipping
  • Watch and cedar box engraving available
  • Professional watch sizing available for the receipt after purchase!


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For The Love Of Jord!

Hello Readers!

Hope you are staying safe in quarantine!

Love for any particular brand is an addiction and we have similar love for JORD now. Featuring our favorite products which you can order.

You know the best part? Use our code JORDGIVES25 and get exclusive discounts:)

Haifa - Textured Black & Gold Small Crossbody 2

Buy here https://www.jord.co/series/haifa/textured-black-and-gold-small-crossbody

Holly - Ebony & Gunmetal Titanium 1

Buy Here https://www.jord.co/series/holly/ebony-and-gunmetal-titanium

Buy Here https://www.jord.co/limited/barista/kaldis

Harper - White Terrazzo & Kosso 1

Buy Here https://www.jord.co/series/harper/white-terrazzo-and-kosso?gO=m


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Family Bonding- Lock down

Hello Readers,

We all are going through tough times and me and my team are constantly praying that we all get out of this really soon. Social distancing is the new normal and lets all follow this.

We are sure you all are using this lock down in best way possible. Everything is changed like now we all are working from home, ordering groceries online but most important is we are doing all household chores on our own. This is the right time to support each other so only female members at home are not doing household chores.

Male members can help in several ways like ordering important groceries online, cooking, washing utensil and most important is washing clothes. I get total support from male members at my home in washing clothes.

We use Ariel detergent at home and it has been the norm for ages. We buy the bigger pack as its more reasonable. Just put up 2 scoops of detergent powder in the washing machine. Usually it takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the mode I select.
After this, male members at home also help to dry the clothes in sunlight.
After clothes are dry, we get them inside, fold them neatly and stack it up in our wardrobes.
Don’t be shame and #ShareTheLaundry and when you do that you will realize that #ShareChoresMultiplyLove 🙂
Before we say bye, have a look at this beautiful video and see how you can #ShareTheLaundry

I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda
In this stressful time, it is very important to remember that, as cheesy as it sounds, everyone is in this together. While family can seem a little too overbearing at times, it should be seen as something positive because after all, things would be much more boring if everyone had to quarantine alone!
Stay safe,
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