Lockdown Shopping | Tokenz

Hello Readers!

Hope you all are doing well and keeping safe

India is not in a very good condition right now but we are sure we will be back on track soon.

We found out a great website few days back and also ordered few things. We thought of sharing with you all so you can spend your time at home to shop some cool stuff.

Website is tokenz and the best part is there is also a section of food and essentials which is on super priority these days.

About Tokenz

TOKENZ.COM handpicks each product with an emphasis on traditional expertise. A large and boundless collection, each product is handpicked from the hinterland of India, and is available at the click of a mouse, offering the eclectic buyer quality traditional artisan fare.

There are innumerable products made in India that do not reach even ordinary Indians as they are made to be exported internationally, or the hard-at-work artisan does not have the wherewithal to reach beyond his region. Tokenz.com brings all these legacies of craftsmanship together – be it stonework and wood craft from Uttar Pradesh, phulkari and other crafts from Punjab, bandini and mirror work from Rajasthan and intricate metal work from Madhya Pradesh

Featuring Our Favorite Products & What We Ordered

We Ordered- 650 Rs Only/-

We Ordered- 360 Rs Only/-

800 Rs Only/-
590 Rs Only/-
Painting at 1499 Rs Only/-
Delicious cake at 350 Rs Only/-
Designer Rakhi Starting at 130 Rs Only/-
Designer Buddha at 1010 Rs Only/-

So wait no more and shop today!

Do not forget to share your experience in comment section below.



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