Perfect Snack For Children- Soy Protein

Hello Foodies!

Do you know that soy protein, the only commercially viable source of well-digested, high-quality plant-based protein, supplies all the essential amino acids in the proper ratio, to support healthy growth and development in children. 

All the mommies these days are super concerned about their child growth, soy protein is definitely a perfect solution of all those mommies. Mothers can incorporate soy proteins into their children’s diet in different ways like-

  • Serving soy protein with milk
  • Making it part of their regular meal

Soy protein is available in varying degrees in certain foods formulated with soy protein ingredients. These include puffs, nutrition bars, cereals, meat substitutes, smoothies and shakes and these can easily fit into this diet. With these products, mothers know that their children enjoy heart-healthy lean protein without compromising on taste or efforts.

What’s more? Here are some benefits of Soy Protein-

  1. Weight Management- People on high protein diet or weight loss diet can easily opt for soy protein.
  2. Skin Pigmentation- Skin care products containing soy is useful to even out the skin tone.
  3. For Infants- Soy formula is made with soy protein that is often advised as an infant food.
  4. Heart Attach Prevention- Soy protein helps to lower LDL cholesterol and that in turn reduces the chances of heart disease.
  5. Perfect for kids- This can be great foods for kids as well, as Soy has many essential nutrients for your kid’s growth & development like calcium, iron, folate, and zinc.
  6. Menopause- Soy protein has Phytoestrogens which acts as a synthetic estrogen to help women maintain calcium balance during menopause.

And many more..

Featuring picture of shake we made using soy protein-


So wait no more and make soy protein your diet partner now.


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