What I Shopped From Super99

Recently I purchased 2 products from Super99.


First is this cute casserole. I mostly use it store chapati. A must product for all food bloggers.


Second is this butter cookies. So yummy and perfect sugar. Give it a try.

Super 99 (www.super99.in) has 35 stores across major cities in India and plans to open more in coming months. Their stores offer amazingly low prices for everyday products from categories as diverse as gifts, toys, kitchen items, beauty products etc.


1. Shopping at a SUPER 99 store is much more than fun.
2. You get value for every single paisa spent
3. Prices are so incredibly low that you won’t believe at first
4. A great range of more than 5,000 products
5. Genuine and high-quality products made to cater your everyday needs
6. Year-round discounts saving you maximum money
7. Products and items as low as Rs. 9

They do not sell online, however, you can visit their website and locate the nearest store.

So what are you waiting for?

Go TRY now.

The Foodies Express

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