Review : Office Office , Janpath

The cafe is situated next to informal at tolstoy lane and i would say that the name “OFFICE OFFICE ” does not define the restaurant . It is just like any other cafe with nothing special . The cafe offers you both the terrace and the indoor area . The indoor area was all empty . I would say that the terrace area is the main part of this cafe as it offers some great live music . One can visit this place with friends or family . The crowd was very much less but good .

The food was average and prices were very high .

What i’ve tried :-

Veg Salt and Pepper

 The presentation of food can be said as the highlight of this cafe , however the taste was not as good as expected . It was not at all crispy . The quantity of cauliflower was way to high . Not Recommanded .

Veg. Salt and Pepper


Cigar Roll 

Again full marks to the presentation . Cigar rolls were above average but still not what it should be . The taste was fresh but lack of filling spoiled the entire dish . 

Cigar Roll

According to me the prices here are way too high and need to be decreased . The service was also below average .



The place is not recommanded as you can find many other far better options in connaught place .

For Menu .

Your comments are awaited.


The Foodies Express

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